lakehouse implementation by wolf of data

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Build a Lakehouse using Databricks


Unified Data and AI solution which also combines Data Warehouse and Data lake.


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Technology Used

  • Programming Languages: Python, SQL
  • ETL Tools: Databricks, Delta Live Tables
  • Machine Learning: Scikit, Tensorflow, Turicreate
  • Database: MSSQL Server, Mongo-DB, MySQL
  • Cloud Storage: Azure ADLS-Gen2, S3
  • Cloud: Azure, AWS
  • CI/CD: Databricks CI/CD
  • visualization: Kepler.GL, Tableau


The client is a preeminent publisher specializing in buy-one-get-one promotions, with a strong presence in 13 distinct regions spanning the UAE, various European countries, South Africa, and beyond. Multiple teams within the organization utilize a diverse set of tools for Data and AI, each of which incurs substantial operational costs. Additionally, these tools were hosted on both Azure and AWS cloud platforms.

The client's primary objective is to streamline their data management process by implementing a single platform that can function as both a Data Warehouse and Datalake. However, due to the complexity involved in managing data within a Datalake, the data team has been dedicating a significant amount of time to this task. The client is keen on leveraging AI capabilities to optimize their data usage, as the AI team has been spending a considerable amount of time managing data instead of focusing on their core responsibilities.


From the requirements of client it was clear enough that client is looking for unnified data and ai platform to do advanced analytics on their data.

We at the Wolf of Data truly understand the power of Lakehouse architecure and and have therefore recommended the Databricks Lakehouse architecture to the client. Our expert Data team has successfully implemented this architecture using Databricks, leveraging the automation capabilities of Databricks Delta Live Tables to create a fully streamlined process.

Our team of expert Data scientists at the Wolf of Data successfully implemented a range of advanced AI solutions for the client, including churn prediction, personalized recommender systems, geospatial analysis, digital marketing mix models, and more. By leveraging the streamlined data management process enabled by the Databricks Lakehouse architecture, AI team's productivity increased by an impressive 70%, allowing them to dedicate more time to their primary tasks.

Experts from "Wolf of Data" fully automated these processes and allow client's to focus more on devising intelligent strategy by leveraging the power of Data.

Impact we created

  • - Implemented scaled Databricks` Lakehouse architecture.
  • - Automated Data and AI process with proper logging and alerts.
  • - Bring hidden insight from geospatial data by visualizing it on Kepler.GL
  • - Minimal but effective dashboard for monitoring Data and AI jobs.
  • - Reduce overall infrastructure cost to 35%.
  • - AI models enable marketing team in designing campaigns intelligently.
  • - Scaled AI models to generate data on real-time.
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